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Lebenswert bio formula stage 2

Lebenswert bio formula stage 2


Lebenswert bio formula stage 2

The best start in Life

The best start in life
  • Suitable from 6 months onwards
  • Gluten FREE
  • NO artificial coloring
  • NO artificial aromas and preservatives
  • NO added sugar
  • Ingredients from organic farms
  • Non GMOs
  • Without chemical or synthetic fertilizers
  • Bioland certified

Bioland. Organic agriculture only EU regulation on organic farming covers production, processing, control and labelling of organic food.

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Lebenswert bio formula stage 2 is formulated for weaning babies. The recipe meets baby needs with increased appetite. Babies older than 6 months need to drink more to meet the growth needs. Lebenswert 2 contains many micronutrients. (e.g. Iodine, iron, selenium and vitamin K.). Also uses high quality organic milk. The formula has sweet natural taste and does not contain artificial sugars.


Prepare your Lebenswert formula 2

Lebenswert bio formula stage 2 is easy to prepare. Follow the official Lebenswert instructions on the box. At first bring the amount of water to boil according to the table on the box. Then add half of the water into a sterilized bottle. The boiling process should kill any bacteria left in the bottle. Cool down to 50°C or 122°F and add the formula. Use the scoop that comes with the formula to measure the correct amount of powder. In addition, level off the powder with the back of a clean dry knife. Place the sterilized teat on the bottle and shake well. Add the other half of water and shake until all the powder has dissolved. Lastly cool down the formula to 37°C or 98°F before giving the bottle to your baby.


Quality ingredients from Germany and Austria
Lebenswert uses the milk from German and Austrian organic farms. The farms follow EU organic and Bioland guidelines. Bioland controls and certifies the quality of the organic products in all stages. The farmers are not allowed to use any GMO in their farms. They also have to take care of the animals. With over 40 years of experience, Bioland has strict regulations. The cows have free access to pasture and the calbs are able to breastfeed. Cow´s feed comes from the same farm or from neighbor farms to maintain a well balanced diet. Even more no chemical fertilizers are allowed in the farms. As a result of the above, Lebenswert bio formula stage 2 is healthy and organic.

Read more about Bioland guidelines.


Please note
Breast milk is the most complete form of nutrition for infants. Breastfeeding includes a range of health benefits for the mother as well. Benefits of breast milk for infants among others are growth, immunity, and development. Benefits for the mom include earlier return to normal weight. In fact lactation reduces the risk of osteoporosis and breast cancer . The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends to all new mothers breastfeeding. In case that you are not able to breastfeed, Lebenswert offers you a range of 3 organic formula stages.

Lebenswert bio formula stage 2


Lebenswert formula stage 1 Ingredients

Skimmed milk *, whey powder (partly demineralised) *, vegetable oils * (palm oil *, rapeseed oil *, sunflower oil *), maltodextrin *, calcium, vitamin C, iron pyrophosphate, copper sulfate, vitamin E, zinc sulfate, niacin, calcium, vitamin B 1 , vitamin B 6, vitamin A, folic acid, potassium iodate, manganese sulfate, vitamin K 1, sodium selenite, vitamin D.

* From organic farming

Bioland. Organic agriculture only

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