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Holle Organic Infant Formula Stage 1 (400g / 14oz)

Holle Organic Infant Formula Stage 1 (400g / 14oz)


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11 Reviews

Holle Organic Infant Formula Stage 1

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Premium organic baby food with superior quality milk

Holle Organic Infant Formula 1 is made from 99% organically grown ingredients. The milk used in our formula comes from cows raised on biodynamic (Demeter) farms in caring and appropriate environments. All our farms strictly adhere to EU organic regulations and, moreover, to the stringent international Demeter regulations.

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(11 customer reviews)

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Holle Organic Infant Formula Stage 1



Holle Organic Infant Formula Stage 1 is suitable for use from birth onwards or if changing from breastfeeding. Ideal for feeding in a bottle, but also for preparing Holle Wholegrain Porridges. Easy to digest, gluten-free, no added sugar, with Demeter milk.



Instant preparation: Holle Organic Infant Formula Stage 1 is ready in minutes. Just add boiled water and shake well.


Production – Ingredients Made in Germany

Demeter Quality. All our farms strictly adhere to EU organic regulations and, moreover, to the stringent international Demeter regulations. Grazing our cows on lush biodynamic fields and pastures is the reason for the superior quality of the milk used in our premium baby food. Demeter farmers avoid the painful dehorning of cows. Other important ingredients include organic vegetable oils which provide essential fatty acids for your baby. Organic starch and maltodextrin derived from corn make the Organic Infant Formula 1 creamy and filling. The remaining 1% of ingredients are vitamins and
minerals which are necessary for your baby’s development and are required by EU regulations.


Please note

A mother’s milk is the most natural and beneficial nourishment for a baby – including all nutrients and vitamins needed. That is why Holle recommends breastfeeding. In addition, the intense contact between a mother and child during breastfeeding promotes feelings of harmony and comfort. We recommend you talk to a health professional, such as your doctor, midwife or health visitor, about the importance of breastfeeding.


Holle Organic Infant Formula Stage 1


Holle Organic Formula



Skimmed milk** (Germany), whey powder* partly demineralised, vegetable oils* (palm oil*, rapeseed oil*, sunflower oil*), maltodextrin*, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, vitamin C, vitamin E, ferrous lactate, zinc sulphate, niacin, Calcium-D-pantothenate, copper sulphate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, manganese sulphate, potassium iodate, folic acid, vitamin K, sodium selenate, vitamin D

*from organic farming
**from biodynamic farming (Demeter quality)

gluten_freegluten free

egg_freeegg free


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11 reviews for Holle Organic Infant Formula Stage 1 (400g / 14oz)

  1. Claudio

    It is perfekt!!! Francesco loves it!!

  2. Elisa D.

    My little baby had stomach problems for a long time. I ordered from you after a friend gave me a hint to try Holle. It literally changed my baby. The Holle formula is amazing and too bad that the shops in the US don´t sell it. Thank you for the Coupon!

  3. Ladygg

    Holle baby formula is fantastic. 1.Baby is doing great in it!!! 2.Mama is very happy!!!

  4. Hye Won (verified owner)

    Holle baby formula is the best replacement of breast milk.
    My baby loves the taste and takes in really well. I recently ordered an another shipment of Holle I and II (as he’s reaching the age for solid food – so I am planning to combine Holle II with my homemade solid foods) and will continue to resort this site for other fantastic products. I am all about organic and premium foods and supplements in the world full of GMOs and hormone injected foods. My husband and I have thoroughly researched for other brands before deciding to go with Holle. This was one of the best decisions we ever made and this site offers everything we need. We will continue to be its loyal, long-standing customers.

    HL from Vancouver, BC, Canada

  5. Yelena (verified owner)

    The best baby formula! My baby loves it and does not have any digestion problems that American formula causes. Thank you Neogno for the fast delivery, everything was nicely packed and came on time. i will definitely order from this seller again!

  6. Nikki Moore (verified owner)

    We are beyond pleased with Holle! We adopted our daughter two and a half months ago at birth and I was unable to relactate. I’ve been using a breastmilk donor and have been mixing half breastmilk and half Holle formula, to stretch out the breastmilk and benefits as long as possible. Before finding Holle, we tried a couple US organic products and my daughter stomach was so upset … Holle helped get her digestive track on the same speed that pure breast milk does. Love love love!!! I am equally impressed with Neogno!!! My shipments have been very prompt and I sent them an email which was also answered very timely. I was scared to order overseas because I had nightmares about shipments taking forever or not showing up, I’m so thankful for other people’s reviews that led me to Neogo!! Thank you for your professionalism!! ❤️

  7. Tara (verified owner)

    I did a ton of research and Holle formula is the best on the market! It is so frustrating that it is not available in the US. Thanks to neogno we got out first two boxes last week. Thank you for the quick support! I needed English instructions and the sent them over immediately. Very impressed! Just placed my second order. Cant wait to get it!

  8. Molly_87 (verified owner)

    Holle infant formula stage 1 is produced in Germany and it is truly certified organic and the best part about it is the really good price. It arrived 13 days after I ordered it ( Vancouver, Canada ) . My 4 Month old enjoys it and he has been a breeze ever since I switched him to Holle organic formula. You can’t get formula like this in North America for sure.

  9. Nataly_M. (verified owner)

    It is the Best formula we used by far! I wish we could buy it somewhere in Canada but we will continue to buy it from
    It is pricey but so worth it! At some point we ran out and used another organic formula brand and our son hated it and was constipated for some days. He is our only baby and we will continue to buy this product for him and we hope our future children. I am a PRO breastfeeder as long as you can. We use this for supplementing mostly. It looks and smells like breast milk and our baby has a great digestion. Nataly from North Vancouver British Columbia

  10. Olivia USA (verified owner)

    We fed our baby Similac formula and he was very gassy. We also tried Similac sensitive. H was gassy and couldn´t poop properly, his tongue had a white film on it and the urine smelled awful. When I did some research I read about Holle and decided to purchase it. Almost immediately his tongue was clear again, his urine smelled normal, his poo was normal, like when breastfeeding and he quit being gassy. We will definitely continue with Holle. Little prince from New York 🙂

  11. Mandy

    Unfortunately Im not able to breastfeed. I had to do a lot of research to find the best possible formula for my little baby. The Holle formula stage 1 has a natural sweetness like the breastmilk. Moreover it does not include many of the toxic ingredients that other American brands do. You can´t find words like Carrageenan or potasium chloride or folic acid on the list. And the best of all is……….that its ORGANIC. Which again means non GMO and other toxic fertilizers in my babys stomach. His digestion is great and he has less gasses. I would reccommend this formula to all of my friends in Vancouver. Best of luck and lots of love to everyone. Mandy and little Mike 😀

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