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Holle Organic Nursing Tea (30g / 1.06oz)

Holle Organic Nursing Tea (30g / 1.06oz)


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Holle Organic Nursing Tea

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Premium organic baby food with long tradition

Since the very beginning, over 75 years ago, we have focused on naturalness and the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers are strictly prohibited without any compromises.
The production for the Holle baby formulas and baby porridges takes place in Germany. Our production lines are modern using the newest technology and are ISO certified. The grain used for our porridges grows in healthy soil on Demeter certified biodynamic farms in Germany. Additional we are only buying rice from Italy and millet grain from Hungary.


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Holle Organic Nursing Tea (20 tea bags)



Herbal mix of aniseed, fennel, caraway, lemon balm. The Holle Organic Nursing Tea can be used towards the end of pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding to support milk production.



Pour approx. 200 ml of freshly boiled water over a tea bag and allow to infuse for 5-10 min. Remove the Holle tea bag and allow to cool down before drinking.


Production – Ingredients

The Holle Organic Nursing Tea is Gluten-free, unsweetened, has no artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.


Please note

Holle Organic Nursing Tea can be used towards the end of pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding. It is recommended to drink 3-6 cups a day. Aniseed, fennel, caraway and lemon balm come from certified organic agriculture. To prevent overheating do not heat Holle Organic Baby Tea in the microwave. Do not allow the baby to suckle on the bottle for extended periods to prevent the onset of tooth decay.

Holle Organic Nursing Tea



Aniseed* 30 %, fennel* 30 %, caraway* 30 %, lemon balm* 10 %

*from biodynamic farming


 gluten free

 egg free

lactose and milk free lactose and milk free

unsweetened unsweetend

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2 reviews for Holle Organic Nursing Tea (30g / 1.06oz)

  1. Nathan_M. (verified owner)

    My wife decided to give tea an honest effort as it should promote lactation. She drinks a minimum of 2 cups everyday (morning & night) to stabilize the milk. It has her nursing with ease again and also has her spirits back up as she says. It’s pleasant flavored and very nice smelling. We use filtered water, which I highly recommend to bring out the best in each tea. Otherwise, spring water would also work well. Other details that make this a standout company in tea bags is that it’s organic and certified. Nathan, North Vancouver British Columbia

  2. ChristinaB (verified owner)

    Nice tasting herbal tea whichreally helps with milk supply. I made a test by stopping drinking it for some time. My baby became fussy at the breast and took hours to feed. Also my breasts felt more empty. When I started drinking again and my breasts kind of filled up. My baby was very happy again and feeding in a couple of minutes. I drink 2-3 cups a day and it’s enough for me. If I drank more I would have to sleep in the bathroom 😀
    The first time I tried this Holle after the neogno stuff included it in my first order as a free gift. Thanks a lot
    Christina with a great milk supply

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