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HiPP Bio Baby Tea Fennel

HiPP Bio Baby Tea Fennel


HiPP Bio Baby Tea Fennel from the 1st Week


Science and nature – hand in hand
Organic ingredients only
Each tea bag is flavour-sealed
Tea bag has no metal clip
20 tea bags

Special recipe

  • low in allergens
  • gluten free
  • no GMO´s (EU Organic Farming Regulation)
  • without added sugar
  • without added flavouring
  • without preservatives
  • without added colourings (as required by law)
  • No added dairy products

Hipp Bio Organic Certificate

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HiPP Bio Baby Tea Fennel



Fennel is a natural relaxing herb, for the tummy. It also can relieve gas and soothe general discomfort in the digestive tract. HiPP bio baby tea Fennel is organic without added sugar, preservatives, aroma and GMO´s. Thus, its use is recommended from the 1st Week.

During breastfeeding mothers can drink fennel tea and pass the benefits through the milk. Fennel is also promoting the lactation. Parents recommend the use of HiPP bio baby tea Fennel for unsettled tummy, wind and colic.


Preparation – Instructions

Official HiPP instructions, translated from German Box. For one HiPP Bio Baby Tea Fennel bag, pour about 200ml of boiling water. Cover up and let steep for about 5 minutes. Cool down to the temperature of about 37° C – 98.6° F before drinking. Always prepare fresh. Do not sweeten.  Recommended 1 – 2 portions during the day, depending on the age of your baby.


Important Information

HiPP Baby Tea Fennel naturally contains carbohydrates. Hence frequent and continuous suckling from the bottle can cause tooth decay(carries). Do not let the baby use bottle as a pacifier or sleeping aid. Always hold the bottle to feed the baby.

Baby teeth are small, but they’re important. Ensure regular dental care from the first tooth. Also make your baby familiar with drinking from a cup from the 8th month.


HiPP Bio Baby Tea Fennel from the 1st Week

HiPP Bio Baby Tea Fennel

Organic Fennel

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