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Holle Organic Spoon 3pcs (made from 100% renewable resources)

Holle Organic Spoon 3pcs (made from 100% renewable resources)


Holle organic Spoon 3pcs (made from 100% renewable resources)

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Organic Holle Spoons made in Germany

  • Holle Baby Spoon is made from 100% organic renewable material
  • Health safe
  • Certified food safe
  • Colourfast and odorless
  • Free from GMO´s and harmful substances
  • Suitable for babies after 4 months
  • Complies with EN 14372
  • This product is not a toy
  • Do not use damaged spoons

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Holle Organic Spoon 3pcs (made from 100% renewable resources)



Babies have to get used, eating with a spoon. Plastic Spoons are ideal for this purporse.  A metallic spoon is cold and may be unpleasant when putting in the mouth. Holle organic Spoon is not very cold and therefore more comfortable.  They have a special shape and is developed for babies from 4 months and older. It can hold a portion size that is ideal for the little ones small mouth. There are 3 different colored Holle organic Spoons in the blister.

Start slowly until your baby gets used to eating with a spoon we recommend using a suitable spoon.


Please note

The weaning Holle organic spoon is not a toy. Please pay attention to your baby at all times. Don´t let him alone when holding the spoon. Clean thoroughly before first use. Examine the spoon every time before the meal. Do not use if damaged. Dishwasher safe.


Production – made from 100% renewable resources

Holle organic spoons 3-pack with 3 different colours. Orange, Red, Green.
Certified Food safe, colourfast and odourless
Complies with EN 14372 and DIN EN 71 Part 3.


Holle Organic Spoon 3pcs (100% organic material)



Holle organic Spoon is made from 100% organic renewable material. GMO free

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