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The best start in LifeFor the best start in life

The milk in Lebenswert formula comes from organic farms. Indeed the farms follow EU organic regulations and Bioland certifies the quality of the ingredients. Furthermore the cultivation of plants takes place naturally. Farmers use only natural compost and soil. In organic farming all processes take place in harmony with nature. Above all the cows and calves have freedom and a happy life.

Lebenswert formula is easy to digest and made with high quality organic milk. All baby formulas are gluten free as well as aroma and preservative free. The formula is easy to prepare and optimal for feeding in a bottle. It is consider to be one of the best organic formulas out there. 

There is a range of 3 equally healthy formula stages.

  •  Lebenswert bio stage 1 from birth, stage 2 from 6 months and stage 3 from 12 months onwards.

Lebenswert guarantees for all products that they are non GMO and do not contain synthetic fertilizers. Facing gas or pains and constipation issues? Are you having sleepless nights? In any case try this formula and see the results for your self.

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